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Career Perfect is not a very popular writing service on the Web, which is probably why we couldn’t find many Careerperfect reviews online. This is very strange because the company claims to have been providing writing services since 1996. In addition to this, claims to ‘lead the industry with multidisciplinary practice’.

Whether this is true or not, you are about to find out in our Careerperfect resume review. Looking at the website does not suffice for getting the sufficient amount of information you need to make an informed decision, which is why we took our time in checking every feature offered by the service.


We consider quality to be the most important factor into choosing a writing service. In the end, it all comes down to how well the writers did on the paper. If the paper is of low quality, the low prices and great discounts won’t matter at all.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the case with We ordered a resume from the company since this is the only service offered here. The writer met our deadline, but provided us with a very plain resume that looked like a template format where our information was automatically added. As a matter of fact, some information was put where they do not belong, which only confirmed our doubts about the company.

Once we noticed this, we finally understood why this company has a low and virtually non-existent reputation on the market. Offering resume writing and not actually writing the resumes is a clear proof of a scam writing service.

List of Services and Prices

As we previously mentioned, resumes are the only services offered at This makes for one of the most limited lists of services we have ever seen, since many resume services at least offer interview preparations, cover letters, thank you letters, etc.

As such, Career Perfect is not even a cheap writing company. They charge students $139.95 for editing of an existing resume, while the actual resume writing costs $179.95! If you want to order a package of a resume and cover letter, you’d have to be prepared to pay $229.95 for it.

This is not even the highest rate offered here. The other options customers can choose are professional and mid-career, executive, federal and military. Resume writing for these levels is always higher than $200, which is the highest rate we have seen on the writing market.

Customer Service and Delivery

Once we got the bad resume for which we paid the highest rate we’ve ever seen, we immediately decided to contact the customer service. We already got in touch with them previously to get some information about a coupon code. At that point, the company’s working hours were over, which means that they do not offer 24/7 assistance.

After looking around, we learned that there is no Careerperfect coupon to be found anywhere, so we decided to place the order. We finally found an agent from the customer service four days after, since this is the deadline the company offers (you can actually get a rush delivery, but only if you are willing to pay double the price). As it turns out, this service does not take responsibility for the bad writings of their writers, which means that we did not get a refund or revision of our bad resume.

User Reviews

I keep warning people about this scam company

I came to a point when no one replied to my e-mails or called me for an interview. Thinking that something is wrong with my resume, I decided to spend a solid amount on a company. seemed like a solid choice, mostly because their prices are over the roof, so I assumed they are great. However, they are terrible. I keep warning people about this scam company, so that no one gets scammed again.

Rebecca Chavez

Ordering from career perfect was the biggest mistake

Ordering from career perfect was the biggest mistake I have ever made. I needed my first resume ever, so I decided it might be worth spending all my savings. Now that I have the resume this company sent, I cannot believe I entrusted such a service with my money and existing resume.

Lisa Threet

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