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    The Resume Center looks more than decent if you base your opinion on their website design. In fact, except for the rather steep prices there, we didn’t find a single thing that wasn’t enticing for a visitor. They don’t really have samples to look at or a blog with any useful information, which can be considered a step back to those who want to see what they’ll be ordering. But, other than that, the site looks pretty perfect.

    Or at least, that’s the impression you get when you access the website. If you look outside of it, you will see that their popularity level is much lower than the expected.


    Quality is the top requirement people have from services who write their resumes and cover letters. However, the terms and conditions only mention refunds in the case when a deadline is not met, not in a case where the quality is poor. Therefore, ‘quality guaranteed’ doesn’t really exist here.

    The rest of the offers on TheResumeCenter look pretty trustworthy and free revisions are mentioned everywhere, in any package you select and purchase. The disappointing part is that there is no mention on how long you can ask for revisions, how many you can get, and whether or not they have to accept your request.

    And from the words of unhappy customers who shared some testimonials online, revisions aren’t always granted.


    Before we go into what their services and prices are, it is important to mention the free resume review. However, this seems to be a clever idea by to tell you that your resume isn’t good enough and that you need to purchase a new one.

    As for services, there are many of them. This is not your ordinary resume company that gives resumes and perhaps a cover letter here and there. They have plenty of offers, including individual orders and packages.

    But, these are rather pricey and don’t fit an average candidate’s budget. In your search for a job, being asked to spend $525 for a package by co-founder James Innes is an exaggeration, and the remaining offers aren’t that great, either. Their cheapest package is $100, while a single hour of interview preparation will cost the customer $145.

    This is a common case with resume services because, let’s face it – if they are good enough to get you a job, you would probably not need a loyalty program to use to get another resume. But in this case, it is a pity, because the high prices remain high for everyone.


    There is a live chat which led us to believe that the customer support works all the time, but that isn’t really the case. The live chat works from 10 to 22.00 from Monday until Friday. If you don’t find them at these hours or need them at other periods, you can use the contact form and wait for a response.

    That’s a bit of a problem for people who need immediate resume help or have some concerns about their deliveries. And while they seem to be meeting the deadlines they set for the resume services in all cases we read about at this point, the delay of responses is a serious issue. Whilst The Resume Center says that they respond in less than 24 hours, some customers claim that the response rate is often days after you get in touch via their contacting form.

    Overall, is legit and there are split opinions about the quality of their services, but for the prices they charge, such different opinions are unacceptable.

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    With plenty of packages and some great reviews all around the Internet, has started on the right foot in our reviewing process. There are plenty of similar companies who live on the Web, but hardly a lot with the reputation this one has.

    This is not a small company. In fact, they have offices in Malaysia, Italy, Switzerland, UAE, and Germany, which means that the demand they receive daily is large. This also means a grand database of resume writers, as well as a grand list of different products you can order. In its basis, ResumeWritingService is a company that aids you in the process of scoring an interview, but also the part where you actually have to impress during the interview. Let’s see what they have to offer.

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    Uk.С is highly ranked on the resume market. Their samples are very realistic since, according to their past customers, the resumes and other job application-related products have proven to be very effective in landing them interview invitations.

    The service works with UK certified resume experts and from their website information, they only have 70 writers on board. These writers are employed through a detailed hiring process and further trained to assist people in landing the jobs they want.

    To check how valid all this is and why the company has become so popular among its audience, we ordered a package to see their quality. Read on to find out more.

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    The job market is getting crowded these days. Everybody wants to land on the perfect job, but how many of them actually have the quality resume? If one has bad MS Word skill, it doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t have the skill to have the job.

    But sadly, the headhunters throw away about 76% resumes without even looking inside. Why? The reasons are simple yet quite reasonable. The number one reason behind is – haphazard formatting. Later on, comes the logical reasons like improper keyword usage, unprofessional font and margin usage, grammatical mistakes, and overselling.

    So, what is the solution here? The best option to go for is looking for professional help who could craft up the quality resume that would do the trick. In search of the perfect resume writing service, we will review today.

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    Creating the perfect resume is not as easy as it sounds. We all think we can make the resume that will make a difference. But will it be professional enough? Will the hiring headquarters will agree with you that you have created a masterpiece of a resume. Most importantly, building a professional grade resume will take a lot of time.

    So, what is the easy solution here? Apparently, ordering a resume from a resume writing service is a great choice. But in that case, you are leaving the control to someone whom you don’t even know. So, checking out what others say about a resume writing service is always a wise decision.

    Today, we will dissect the features, pricing policy, and the quality of the resume writing service called So, before you plan to order a resume from them, you should check out our experience.
    Let’s jump straight to the point!

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    When you are going to make the first step towards the new life and find the job which meets your requirements, you are looking for the opportunities to prepare a perfectly written resume, CV or LinkedIn profile. So, here how the best resume writing services come into play. has a bright stylish website and offers almost everything a job seeker may need. But the livecareer reviews we found online are not so bright. A lot of clients are complaining about quality and almost no help with the job search at this team. So, we decided to review this service and find out, are these guys good or bad.


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    When it becomes hard to make a new step towards career changes or job search creates a lot of troubles – you are not getting offered a dream job even having skills and experience needed to occupy the position – the resume writing services come to a play. One of the popular services for creating documents in Australia you need to apply for the open positions is

    This company has a bright website with numerous services offered. It was founded in 2008 and per their website serves 2,000 customers each year. With the unique approach they have created, they are capable of delivering quality resumes in time and help you to get hired faster.


  • ResumeTarget Review

    When it is time to change the career path it’s sometimes hard to create a resume which will lead to your main aim – get the dream job. Moreover, at today’s market, in addition, to resume you need to have a CV, well-written cover letter, LinkedIn profile and always be ready for the interview with tricky questions invented by human resources professionals. The is what is probably so-called a professional career consulting service which provides all services you need to get a new job.

    A quality resume is a basis for your search and now it’s possible to order it online. The customer reviews one of the factors which will influence your decision. We were not able to find lots of resumetarget reviews from customers, so decided to write our own in order to help you to decide are they worth your attention and will they be able to deliver everything you need to get a job of your dream.


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    A resume writing service needs much more than a great website to be a reliable choice for customers, but a professional looking design certainly helps the decision. has invested a lot of time and effort into making their website inviting to every visitors, but still, we were unable to find many reviews online. Even though the company claims to have been ‘writing resumes FULL-TIME for years’, resume writing group reviews on the Web indicate that they have been on the market for a much shorter period of time.

    Knowing this, we started suspecting the promises the company makes on the website. In order to confirm that they are true or false, we decided to take a look at the key features of this resume writing service. For starters, we checked the quality offered by their writers, seeing that this is the most important factor in choosing top rated resume writing service in 2018.


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    Career Perfect is not a very popular writing service on the Web, which is probably why we couldn’t find many Careerperfect reviews online. This is very strange because the company claims to have been providing writing services since 1996. In addition to this, claims to ‘lead the industry with multidisciplinary practice’.

    Whether this is true or not, you are about to find out in our Careerperfect resume review. Looking at the website does not suffice for getting the sufficient amount of information you need to make an informed decision, which is why we took our time in checking every feature offered by the service.


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