Let’s check out how good or bad Zipjob service actually is

The job market is getting crowded these days. Everybody wants to land on the perfect job, but how many of them actually have the quality resume? If one has bad MS Word skill, it doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t have the skill to have the job.

But sadly, the headhunters throw away about 76% resumes without even looking inside. Why? The reasons are simple yet quite reasonable. The number one reason behind is – haphazard formatting. Later on, comes the logical reasons like improper keyword usage, unprofessional font and margin usage, grammatical mistakes, and overselling.

So, what is the solution here? The best option to go for is looking for professional help who could craft up the quality resume that would do the trick. In search of the perfect resume writing service, we will review today.


We have said it sometimes – there is no other way to judge the quality of a resume writing service than checking them first hand. So, we ordered a “Fast Track” resume from Zipjob. They offer three different packages, and they recommend to go for this one, and it was tagged as the most popular.

The package costs about $179 without any kind of added on services. First things first, we could only call a service recommended is we are satisfied with the quality. And to be frank, the resume we received had a lot of room for improvements.

The resume looked like a complicated listicle! There was no usage of any kind of graphical information. Suck kind of resumes could have worked back in the days of eighties. But the fact is it is 2018 and companies, and HR managers don’t have so much patience to go through reading keyword over-stuffed resume that looks like the block of words together. The resume looked pale and uninteresting.

List of Services and Prices

Zipjob focuses only on writing resumes and cover letters only. We expected them to help us with the career guidance and LinkedIn profile build-ups. But they don’t offer such services. We would call it a narrow point of view as most of the industry offers such services.

Regarding the pricing policy, we would call it moderately priced. It’s neither cheap nor expensive. We sure loved their installment policy. Meaning, you could pay the total money divided into two halves. Although, if you go for single installments you could save up a few bucks. For example, the Fast Track package would cost $179 if you pay them in one installment. If you choose to go in two installments, you will have to pay $190. There is a gap of $11.

Customer Service and Delivery

Online services must have decent customer support. We think it is not just suggested; it is a mandatory demand. Zipjob does have a variety of modes to connect to the customer service representatives. There is the direct phone calling service, the live chat option, the e-mail query method. But we experienced that the representatives are a bit unprofessional. They do not even the know the basic features of the services themselves.

The resume we ordered came to our e-mail address on the 6th day of the order. The surely try to be punctual as they didn’t cross the deadline. Although, instead of sending the file on the due date, they could have sent it earlier.
Overall we had a so-so experience with the service. Considering the quality of the resume and the other facilities, we would give them a rating of 4 out of 10. That’s all about review.

User Reviews

Complete Rip-Off – Standard Templates, Lazy and Clueless “Writers”

This service definitely did not deliver to expectations. I paid for their most expensive package expecting some consultation so that they could accurately tailor my resume to the type of job opportunities I was seeking. The “writer’ in my case simply tweaked my existing resume, it was full of grammatical errors, he ignored most of my initial feedback and was subsequently condescending – saying this is not “rocket science” or something of that nature – and it was very clear he had no idea what I actually did. When I asked for a phone consultation so I could explain my goals and my role, he resisted with the previous comment. When I clearly pointed out he had ignored my initial feedback, he simply ignored it again. He then closed my case without permission.

The cover letter and linkedin bio are generic templates you can find anywhere. Do not bother paying for those. Feel completely ripped off.

January 16, 2019

Standard template…not worth it.

I do not recommend Zipjob if you already have a resume or know how to read and write. Zipjob’s professional writers simply “create” resumes based on their standard template, using your existing resume, with absolutely no attention to your specific needs at all.

Here are a few learnings based on my experience.
1. Do not delivery on time. They advertise 4-6 days to first draft delivery. I heard nothing from them, until the 7th day, when I followed up.
2. They do not provide any creativity in writing to showcase your accomplishment, as their own ATS recommends. Their writers simply ignore all the recommendations as suggested by their own website.
3. If you already have a resume, they simply reformat it to their standard template as shown on their website.
4. The writer I was assigned wasn’t even remotely familiar with the field I am in. He simply had no clue even the most standard acronyms used in the field. If you call in, they don’t even try to assign someone else (have they even got another writer?)
5. Do not expect your writer to add style to writing. They either copy what you have provided or substitute it with the most mundane verbiage.
6. The most unacceptable part of the service is that upon delivery of the resume, they claim that it will go to ATS for screening. However, they do not share results with you whatsoever. The 1 line you will get is “your resume passed ATS”. What the heck does that mean? They are not even willing to share results on keyword analysis and general summary based on the new resume.

Zipjob is a hoax for me. I would not recommend Zipjob if you already have a job and have some sense in your life. It’s a waste of money!

December 20, 2018

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